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03 February 2007 @ 03:14 pm
Flist Prompt Table  
I'm sure other writers suffer this same problem: writer's block. Now I realize that there are many communities out there to help us overcome this problem, providing long lists of prompt tables and challenges. Well, that's lovely and all, but sometimes I just want a reliable place to go to find a prompt that I can use to write whatever the hell I like. Which is why I polled my flist for seemingly random words.

I've compiled the prompts that I found compelling and have created my own prompt table. The fic I write using this table will be from every fandom I write in and will include just about every pairing I've ever had a passing interest in. Oh yes, that's right, this will not be 35 Jack/Daniel stories (no matter how tempting that is). I promise Hakkai/Gojyo, James/Sirius, McKay/Sheppard, Daniel/Cameron, and maybe even some het! This should be fun. . . .

01.decompose 02.backscratcher 03.mosey 04.peregrinate 05.defenestration
06.plethora 07.sedentary 08.hysteria 09.enigma 10.concrete
11.content 12.fart 13.lust 14.xenoglottophobia 15.shindig
16.rehash 17.nostalgia 18.fulminate 19.grandiloquence 20.gnaw
21.effulgent 22.flick 23.lassitude 24.elbow 25.umbrella
26.airlock 27.banana 28.scared 29.swat 30.adding
31.it's the great lemon, rodney! 32.seemed like a good idea at the time 33.flyboy action figure comes with gasmask
34.101 things to do with an apple35.when darkness comes
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